Legal Ethics and Court Crafts



  1. Supreme Court Rules 1966
    1. Advocates and their Course of Conduct
    2. Role of Single Judge and Registrar of the Supreme Court
    3. Types of Petition Entertained by the Supreme Court, Writ petition, Election Petition
  2. Delhi High Courts Rules
    1. Advocates and their Course of Conduct
    2. Role and Power of Single Judge
    3. Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction of the Court
  3. Limitation Act, 1963
    1. Limitation
    2. Procedural Law: Section 5 Condonation of Delay, ss6-9 Legal Disability, ss14-15 Exclusion of Time of Proceeding in Good Faith in Wrong Court, ss18-19 Acknowledgement
    3. Substantive Law: S25 Law of Prescription and s27 Adverse Possession, s 29 Saving Clause
  4. Registration
    1. Compulsory Registered Documents s17
    2. Optional Registration s18
    3. Time and Place for Registration ss23-31
    4. Effects of Registration and non Registration ss47-50
  5. The Advocates Act, 1961
    1. State Bar Council and Bar Council of India: Duties and Functions
    2. Professional Misconduct and Punishments s35
    3. Role and power of Disciplinary Committee ss36-42
  6. Legal Ethics
    1. Duty to Court, Client, Opponent, Colleagues s7 and s49, along with the Rules of the Bar Council India
    2. Duty towards Society