Law of Contracts



  1. Formation of Contract
    1. Meaning and Nature of contract
    2. Scope of contract
    3. Offer/Proposal: Definition, communication, revocation
    4. Acceptance: Definition, communication, revocation
    5. Standard form of contract
  2. Consideration and capacity
    1. Consideration: Definition, kinds and essential
    2. Doctrine of Privity of contract
    3. Capacity to enter into a contract- minors, unsound mind, disqualified by law, nature/effect/position of minor’s agreement
  3. Reciprocal Promises
  4. Validity, Discharge, and Performance of Contract
    1. Perormance of Contracts
    2. Free Consent
    3. Coercion
    4. Undue Influence
    5. Misrepresentation
    6. Fraud
    7. Mistake
    8. Unlawful object and consideration
    9. Doctrine of Frustration
    10. Discharge of contract
  5. Antcipatory Breach
  6. Remedies and Quasi contract
    1. Remedies: kinds of damages
    2. Remedies: Quantum merit
    3. Quasi contract
  7. Contract of Indemnity, Guarantee, Agency, Bailment and Pledge
    1. Difference between indemnity and guarantee
    2. Rights and duties of indemnifier and discharge
    3. Rights and duties of bailor/bailee, lien etc.
    4. Definition of agent and prinicipal, creation of agency and its termination
  8. The Indian Partnership Act,1932
    1. Nature of Partnership firm
    2. Rights and duties of partners
    3. Position of minors
    4. Dissolution and consequences
  9. Sales of Goods Act, 1940
    1. Definition, Distinction between Sale, Agreement to sale
    2. Passing of property
    3. Rights of unpaid sellers and remedies for breach of contract
    4. Conditions and Warranties
  10. General/ specific offer
  11. Invitation to treat
  12. Acceptance: tender/auction
  13. Effect of void,voidable,valid,illegal, unlawful agreement
  14. Online contract
  15. Capacity to contract: doctrine of restitution
  16. Indian partnership act: incoming and outgoing partners, effects of non registration of firm
  17. Sales of goods act: duties of sellers and buyers, sale by sample and description, transfer of title, delivery of goods
  18. Negotiable instrument Act, 1881:
    1. Definition and kinds of negotiable instrument
    2. Holder and holder in due course
    3. Material alteration and crossing of cheque
    4. Dishonour of negotiable instrument