20 Jul: Under what Legal Provisions can Police conduct Raids at Hotels?

Are we safe in the hotel or lodge? Will the owner or manager of the hotel or lodge call the police? Will the police raid the hotel? What if we are caught in a raid?

20 Jul: Online Petitions – Are they presented before courts of law?

Do these online petitions land before the courts of law? Also, shouldn’t you know your legal position, if such petitions actually go to courts?

20 Jul: Playing cards on Diwali – Offensive Gambling or not?

Its fun playing Teen Patti on Diwali night right? Gathering friends and family, betting money, You may think, “What fun we are having!”
While participating in poker, rummy or betting or even online gambling, have you considered the legal effects of it and how can you get in trouble with this ‘fun’ practice?

02 Jul: Adultery – Is it punishable in Indian Army?

In military, offence of adultery is described as “stealing the affections of a brother officer’s wife.” 
We hold people in the army as our ideals or heroes and place them on a pedestal. But the problems they face in their personal and married lives are just as real as ours.

02 Jul: Plea of Insanity – Can you get away with Murder?

Should an insane person be punished if he commits a murder?
Some of you would say, “yes”. After all, a crime is a crime and someone lost their life.
Some of you would say, “no”. After all, the murderer didn’t know what he was doing.

17 Jun: Indian Courtrooms 101 – Things to know before visiting Court

The pleader that is the one who files the petition. He along with the witnesses stand on the right side of the Judge’s bench.

The respondent is the one against who the petition is filed and stands on the left side of the bench.

17 Jun: Landlord Problems? Laws every tenant should know

Want solutions to your landlord problems?

This post is all about some common problems you and I have faced as a tenant and their legal solutions.

20 May: Shopping Regrets and Guilty Sellers – Misbranded Drugs and Cosmetics

This post is a step-by-step guide to deal with companies and sellers etc who sell misbranded drugs and cosmetics.

20 May: Rights of the members of LGBTQ

If you went to an institution for admission or in a company to get a job but you get rejected because of your gender, how would you feel?
Many of the people in our society faced a similar problem whether it is in respect of education, job or in daily life at public places. Any person who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community faced these situations almost every day.

19 May: Laws against spreading fake news

Tik-Tok, Youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram – fake news and rumors find their place everywhere.
Do you know the punishment for spreading fake news, rumors, and hate speeches online?

19 May: Will – Your heirs might dig graves for this single document

Uncertainties exist every day and no one can predict the future.
Therefore, making a Will not only secures your property but also the future of those who will benefit from it. Although legal documents are hard to tamper with, it is still possible.

19 May: Cyber laws which they won’t teach anywhere – Connect the dots

Everyone screams “Section 65B Evidence Act” whenever electronic evidence is mentioned. Little do they know that it only deals with Secondary Evidence?

What about Primary Evidence?
How would you produce a real device before a court as evidence?

13 May: Legal compliance for apps or websites – TnC PP

Did you know that the Terms of Service at the bottom of a website is a form of agreement? This agreement can be enforced by the courts in India. They are called Browsewrap Agreements. Don’t bind yourself without reading the T&C and PP of a website or an app.

13 May: Sharing friend’s password without their knowledge? Know the consequences

Did you know that sharing your friend’s Netflix password without her permission is an offence? This goes for all kind of passwords.

13 May: Hate noisy neighbours and can’t move – Here’s the solution

A common problem in India is when neighbours put on their music that pierce the walls of your home be it during the day or at night or when people hold loud functions down your street after 10 PM etc.

13 May: Revenge Porn can land in you jail

Revenge Porn is a crime which consists of several offences combined and, hence, can be punished on the basis of the particular combination of offences.

13 May: What to do when your friend breaks your phone and won’t pay up?

Your friend just broke your newly bought smartphone and now refuses to pay for your damages. You have asked him a million times and he has just dodged your calls. Now, you’re left with a broken phone and embarrassment to beg even further.

07 May: Lawyers, Advocates, Attorneys, and Solicitors etc – Know The Difference

Do you know the exact difference between a lawyer, advocate, barrister, solicitor, and attorney etc? They are not teaching this in law schools. Learn to use the term correctly with Lawbriefcase.

05 May: Boys Locker Room – Charges pressed against accused

An incident has come to light which is the Boys Locker Room incident. It took a few girls to stand up and be the cause of action which has resulted in the Police tracking down the culprits
This post tells you the charges under which these people will be booked.

02 May: How to guide – Registration of Trademark

Nobody is teaching you anything about how to actually apply for a Trademark. This post is an attempt to make things easier for those who will apply for a TM for the very first time or anyone else interested.

02 May: Illegal penalty clauses in agreements in India

Penalty clauses are legal in agreements in India. But, certain penalty clauses which are not in relation to breach of contract are not legal. You can not charge a penalty for omission or comission which does not breach the agreement. Penalty can only be charged for liquidated damages which occur due to a breach of the agreement.

02 May: Libel, slander and online defamation – What not to say when on the Internet

You upload statuses, stories, and comments. You roast your friends and your celebrities. But do you ever stop and think of the legal consequences of defaming someone online?

02 May: Veg and Non-veg symbol on the food products

Do you know that the symbol for non-veg food is a brown colored circle in a box and not red? This may be or maybe not is a Mandela effect. Toothpaste is not a food, then why does it have a veg food green symbol on it?

02 May: They cannot write “pure” on packaged Ghee

Whenever you buy Ghee, how do you know that it is pure or un-adulterated? By reading the description written on it, right? Writing “Pure” on packaged ghee is illegal. Aren’t they making a fool out of us?

02 May: Deal with Police officers like a lawyer 

Have you been afraid of talking to the police officers? Do you feel like you have no power over them? Well, it is a part of their job. They need bad guys to be afraid of them, don’t they? Read this post with great attention and learn the laws you need to know while dealing with police officers. You just need to cite the right law at the right time. Feel free to comment below if you have any confusions.

02 May: Sexting may get you in trouble regardless of your sex

It begins with Tinder, you swipe right and it’s a match! You start talking regularly and are in the get-to-know each other phase. Soon the honeymoon phase starts and after a long wait, he finally finds courage and asks you to send nudes. At that time do you think, is sexting even legal? Many people who engage in sexting remain unaware regarding the legality of it.

27 Apr: Why should you get your partnership registered ASAP!

Find out the legal and social consequences of not registering your partnership. It will save your personal assets and protect you against criminal actions. Your partnership business will have no rights if it doesn’t exist in government records. How can you say that someone owns a business when it legally doesn’t exist?

23 Apr: Important clauses to consider before entering into a non-compete

Do you wonder if the Non-Compete agreements are even enforceable in India or not?
Or is it something which we only see and hear on television or web series? In this post we are going to elaborate the benefits of the parties along with the important factors to look out for before you jump into one, and much more.

21 Apr: Supermarkets selling about to expire products at lower prices

Supermarkets often sell expired or about to expire food at cheaper prices. They sometimes even set up buy-one-get-one offers to clear such stock and minimize their loss. Have you ever thought of taking a legal action against them? They are, definitely, going to beg you to settle and let it once you realize the true power of law in your hand.

21 Apr: Better safe than sorry – Here’s why you need a co-founders agreement?

Most startups around India and even the world are started between friends, roommates and such. These relationships come with an inherent trust but going ahead with business operations disagreements are bound to happen. This is where co-founders agreements come in picture. Stop worrying about your co-founders, let the agreement take care of it and focus on your startup.

21 Apr: Are bonds between employees and employer legal in India

You got a new job, but your company has made you sign a bond saying that you cannot quit the job before a period of one year or else you will have to pay two lakh rupees to your employer. What are the legal provisions you should know about to get out of this situation? Figure that out ahead in this blog.

21 Apr: Stocks, shares, and debentures made easy

The words stocks, shares, and debentures are often confused and misunderstood. This blogpost focuses on the explanation of these terms. You need to discuss these terms when you are thinking about having a company or a startup or becoming a co-founder.

21 Apr: Illegality of Penis & Breast enlargement drugs

Height can not be increased after the ossification of epiphyseal plates. The same goes for breast and penis enlargement medicines and cosmetics, which are going to be used as an example in this post. Any medicine or cosmetics claiming or advertising that it can do any of the above is a fraud and is playing on your insecurity.

21 Apr: What they don’t want you to know about prostitution laws?

Prostitution is not illegal. And, NO, they cannot arrest you for going to a brothel which is 200 meters away from a public place.

21 Apr: False claims by Food Supplements, Health Drinks and Baby Food etc

Did drinking Complan make you taller? Are you sure? Don’t you feel like you were sold a lie?
The Section 24 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 restricts misleading advertisements and false claims for food items which fool users into buying them. We are basically, speaking about supplements that promise height growth, fair skin etc.

21 Apr: Dealing with Police and Neighbours – A headache for live-in couples

Live-in couples face a lot of tension worrying about police and neighbours who might cause trouble. Learn to deal with the police and neighbours confidently after knowing these laws.

21 Apr: Facts from Limitation Act, 1963

Limitation Act, 1963 is the one statute that every great litigating advocate uses to make the best of the justice system.Did you know that there is no limitation barring the time of the lodging of an FIR?

21 Apr: Do you know the attorney-client privileges in India?

Do you know what your attorney-client privileges are in India?
Do you know the consequences of telling an advocate your secret while consulting?
The purpose of this post is to discuss an attorney’s obligation towards his clients of not disclosing any communication to any third-party.

28 Mar: Becoming an arbitrator, negotiating and drafting important clauses

Many lawyers have this weird confusion that one has to be learned in law to be appointed as an arbitrator. But to their surprise, no such law exists. Anyone can become an arbitrator.

28 Mar: Cost of arbitration, the place of arbitration and the awards

Everyone has heard that arbitration costs less than litigation, but has anyone discussed how much it actually costs? The major part of the expense is the fees of the arbitrator. In this blog we will discuss the fee which arbitrator’s charge. We will also tell you what remedies which an arbitrator has if you don’t pay his fees.

28 Mar: Where to find an Arbitrator, the powers vested him and grounds for challenging his appointment amongst other things

Someday, a client might ask you where do you find an arbitrator? That would be the day you’d thank us for writing down the answer to this question. Right now, you probably can’t imagine how annoyed or disappointed your client would be if you would not be able to tell him the answer.

28 Mar: Arbitration Deed and Agreement

Learn about Arbitration Deeds, Submission Agreements and Arbitration incorporated by references. Also, see what types of cases can not be referred to arbitration.

28 Mar: What is Arbitration and why should you prefer arbitration over courts?

Learn to figure out when should you prefer arbitration over courts while advising your clients or negotiating for agreements.

28 Mar: Talaq, Talaq, Talaq, and Jail

Find out how to lodge adequate complaints against men giving talaq by reciting talaq, talaq, talaq. Figure out the remedies available to women who are divorced in such manner. And find out what happens to the marriage after triple talaq.

28 Mar: Do you know the difference between acid attack and attempt to acid attack

Do you know the difference between attempt to acid attack and acid attack. Learn how to act against acid attacks as a legal professional. Find out the legal recourse available under the Indian Penal Code.

28 Mar: Prenuptial Agreements in India

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are not valid in India owing to the legal provision laid down in Section 23 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872. Therefore, this blog focuses on the alternatives for Indian couples which they can exercise in place of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.

28 Mar: In-depth Analysis of Preamble of the Indian Constitution

Did you know that the Constitution is referred to as “Bare Text”? You do not call it a “Bare Act”. Most people don’t pay attention to punctuation. The Indian Constitution has been drafted very diligently and it is very important to understand why things are the way they are. Each comma, semi-colon and colon is important.

28 Mar: Learn to file a complaint u/s 138 of the NI Act

Look at this checklist before filing any 138 NI case. This is a step-by-step guide for filing 138 NI matters.

28 Mar: In re meaning and Article 143

They would tell you that it means “in the matter of” or “in reference”. But they will be speechless if you ask them – why don’t you write “In re” before the name of every case then?

28 Mar: Untold laws around weed and drugs in India

Your friend just purchased a packet of weed from a peddler. On the way back to his place, two beat constables suddenly pop out of nowhere and nab your friend. They confront your friend about the weed and frisk him. Your friend complies and the packet is found in the back pocket of his jeans. We know the rest of the drill. They extort some money and let him go

28 Mar: What is Zero FIR?

This blog talks about Zero FIR and tries to resolve the doubts which revolve around Zero FIR. Whether it is a duty? If the term is defined anywhere? From what provisions of the law can we infer the duty or power of the Police to register a Zero FIR? A thorough reading of this blog along with the necessary provisions of the law shall be sufficient to understand the concept of Zero FIR with clarity.

28 Mar: Laws related to Ambulances in India

Why the ambulances look the way they look? Why does the siren sound the way it does? What all are the laws related to ambulances?

28 Mar: Learn to file complaint before Adjudicating Officer?

Learn to file a complaint to the Adjudicating Officer for offences under Section 43 of IT Act, 2000. This blog discusses Section 43(d) for illustration purposes.