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LGBTQ+ Couple

20 May: Rights of the members of LGBTQ

If you went to an institution for admission or in a company to get a job but you get rejected because of your gender, how would you feel?
Many of the people in our society faced a similar problem whether it is in respect of education, job or in daily life at public places. Any person who belongs to the LGBTQ+ community faced these situations almost every day.


02 May: Sexting may get you in trouble regardless of your sex

It begins with Tinder, you swipe right and it’s a match! You start talking regularly and are in the get-to-know each other phase. Soon the honeymoon phase starts and after a long wait, he finally finds courage and asks you to send nudes. At that time do you think, is sexting even legal? Many people who engage in sexting remain unaware regarding the legality of it.

Weed laws in India

28 Mar: Untold laws around weed and drugs in India

Your friend just purchased a packet of weed from a peddler. On the way back to his place, two beat constables suddenly pop out of nowhere and nab your friend. They confront your friend about the weed and frisk him. Your friend complies and the packet is found in the back pocket of his jeans. We know the rest of the drill. They extort some money and let him go