2020 April


23 Apr: Important clauses to consider before entering into a non-compete

Do you wonder if the Non-Compete agreements are even enforceable in India or not?
Or is it something which we only see and hear on television or web series? In this post we are going to elaborate the benefits of the parties along with the important factors to look out for before you jump into one, and much more.


21 Apr: Supermarkets selling about to expire products at lower prices

Supermarkets often sell expired or about to expire food at cheaper prices. They sometimes even set up buy-one-get-one offers to clear such stock and minimize their loss. Have you ever thought of taking a legal action against them? They are, definitely, going to beg you to settle and let it once you realize the true power of law in your hand.

Co-founders agreement

21 Apr: Better safe than sorry – Here’s why you need a co-founders agreement?

Most startups around India and even the world are started between friends, roommates and such. These relationships come with an inherent trust but going ahead with business operations disagreements are bound to happen. This is where co-founders agreements come in picture. Stop worrying about your co-founders, let the agreement take care of it and focus on your startup.

misleading ads

21 Apr: False claims by Food Supplements, Health Drinks and Baby Food etc

Did drinking Complan make you taller? Are you sure? Don’t you feel like you were sold a lie?
The Section 24 of Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 restricts misleading advertisements and false claims for food items which fool users into buying them. We are basically, speaking about supplements that promise height growth, fair skin etc.