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Welcome to the most cherished page of this blog! Meet the faces behind Lawbriefcase. Find out how it all started. Find out how it all started.

The one and only aim of this blog is to equip our readers with sound technical legal know-how. We want to create a big network of lawyers (in case, you didn’t know law-students are also lawyers. Learn more about it here).

We don’t want you to spend any money on expensive online courses and diplomas. Why should you pay any money at all? You were supposed to learn the crafts of the trade in your law school, weren’t you? Why do people feel stranded, clueless and alone after they graduate as a lawyer? This stands true for most students from all law schools. We could make online courses like many others out there on the internet, but we don’t want to feed on people’s insecurities. We want you to feel good about being lawyer. Feel empowered. Feel like an actual lawyer. The ones you have admired in pop-culture; the ones who are ferocious and smart; the ones who are clever and are respected. WE WANT YOU TO BECOME THE BEST LAWYER OUT THERE. A PERSON OF KNOWLEDGE AND CLASS.


We started out in 2017 with law notes and we wrote around 350 articles within a year. We had around 150 student writers pan-India. And to be honest, the content was good but just not good enough. We felt stuck. We wanted to help students pass their exams. Little did we realise that they all were already passing them. We just added a huge pile of content to the already existing content on the internet. We didn’t bring any value. So we deleted every article and began from the scratch with a new idea.

We figured out all the pain areas of law students. We identified what we’re not taught in law-schools which should be taught as either a part of the curriculum or as extra-curriculars to prepare us for the real world.

You need to be a lawyer, a damn good lawyer. But knowing only the law won’t be any useful. You need to understand social dynamics and improve you soft skills. Otherwise, how will you get clients? And what is the use of any legal knowledge when you don’t have any clients? And what is the use of good soft-skill if you don’t have sound legal knowledge? Therefore, we want you to acquire both. And this is the whole idea behind Lawbriefcase.

Meet the faces

We are all students of law and we work our arses off day and night to bring you awesome content. We do this because we think that it is cool to be an intelligent lawyer. We get to learn a lot while we blog. We meet a lot of senior lawyers, we research, we argue with each other but at the end of the day we make sure that the content is good enough to make your jaw drop and wonder why weren’t you taught this in law school.

Siddhant Pandey

These are my friends and without them this blog wouldn’t have been possible. I’m grateful for all the time, effort and dedication they put in this. I can’t afford to lose them.

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Srilakshmi Ganti
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Tarun Gupta
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Pratiksha Dwivedi
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Aniket Gupta

Our team mates and well-wishers who have been a wonderful part of the the team – Dhruv Dhawan, Kiran Mishra, Anjali Sharma and Richa Vishwakarma.

These folks helped Lawbriefcase become mature. They stood by us through thick and thin. Thank you, guys.